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Danilo Mandic is a Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Fellow at the Centre for Law, Society and Popular Culture, Westminster Law School, University of Westminster in London. Danilo holds an LLM in Entertainment Law from the Westminster Law School and he recently completed his doctorate for a thesis concerning the relation between copyright and technology titled Copyright and Technology: Hearing the Dissonance at the same school.


  • Co-Module Leader, Law of Digital Entertainment and Social Media (LLM)
  • Co-Module Leader, Law and Social Media (LLB)
  • Co-Module Leader, Globalisation: Politics, Law and the Arts (BA)
  • Entertainment Law (LLB)
  • Contract Law (LLB )
  • Law and Culture (LLB)
  • People, Culture and Property (LLB)
  • Civil Law and Legal Systems (LLB)


Danilo's research interests include copyright law, legal theory, art and law, law and the senses, media and communication, and sound studies. 

He is a co-editor of the forthcoming Law and the Senses series (University of Westminster Press, 2017-2018).