Studying in the UK

At UK universities you’re expected to take a high level of responsibility for your own work: often there are few lectures or seminars. Instead, you’re given assignments and directed to work on your own or in groups. Lists of reading material are given out and you’ll have to do much of the research on your own. You’ll often be asked to give opinions, and as you won’t always be dealing with facts, there won’t be a right or wrong answer. This can come as a surprise for some students who, in the past, have had tutors organise and direct their studies.

Teaching methods

Westminster uses a variety of teaching methods. In a lecture, the lecturer presents information, while in a seminar, a tutor organises discussion. You’ll have a mixture of lectures and seminars. Lectures are attended by large groups of students and aren’t really the place for discussion. Seminars are small group discussions where you may be expected to join in the discussions, ask questions and put opinions forward, even if they’re different from the tutor’s. You’ll also be asked to present papers to the group on pre-arranged topics and you’ll need to reference your work.

Referencing information

It is important that you follow the University’s guidelines on referencing and avoid plagiarism (cheating/copying). In general, you must always reference the source of your information in footnotes within the body of text, as well as including the source in the bibliography at the end. Speak to your course leader or personal tutor for more detailed information about referencing.

Help with study difficulties

If you experience difficulties talking in class or you have problems with studying due to anxiety, contact the Counselling Service, which runs groups and workshops to assist with these issues. All other relevant information is included in Essential Westminster and course handbooks.

Religion and beliefs

We value our diverse international community of students and recognise the right of individuals to wear items of clothing that reflect their beliefs.

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