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How do I apply for an exchange programme at the University of Westminster?

Once you have been successfully nominated, the Education Abroad Team will send you an online application link for you to complete. Please see the how to apply page for more information. Please remember you cannot apply to be an exchange student unless you are nominated by your university. You can however apply for our study abroad programme.

Can I apply for an exchange programme if my university/institution does not have an agreement with the University of Westminster (eg Erasmus+ Freemover)?

No, you must come from one of our partner universities and be studying in a subject area covered by the exchange agreement. However, you may wish to apply for the study abroad programme.

Is there a deadline for application?

Yes, if you are due to begin your programme in September the deadline for application is 1 May. If you are due to begin your programme in January the deadline is 15 October. Please see the how to apply section.

How do I apply for accommodation in student halls of residence?

Accommodation can be applied for as part of your Exchange Application Form. The application deadline is 1 May for October start and 15 October for January start. Please be aware that there is no guarantee of accommodation. If you choose to come on exchange you must be prepared to find your own accommodation. Advice on finding accommodation in London can be found in our private rented accommodation section.

Is there an orientation/welcome programme for exchange students?

Yes, the Education abroad team runs an orientation day in September and January (in addition to the Faculty orientations). If you cannot attend the orientation day, please email us at [email protected].

Do I need a Student Visa?

Please visit the visa requirements page for further information.

What documentation should I bring with me?

Please bring copies of your learning agreement/module choice and any acceptance letters, banks statements, visa required documents etc to present at immigration if you are requested to do so.

How many modules (classes) do students take at the University of Westminster?

Students take three modules (60 UK credits) per semester or six (120 UK credits) per year.

How many credits are University of Westminster modules worth?

Most modules run for one semester and are worth 20 UK Credits (10 ECTS Credits). Students must check with their home university how many credits they need to gain while on exchange. Students should not expect to take modules worth more than 60 UK credits per semester. 

Can I study modules in a subject or University of Westminster Faculty not covered by the exchange agreement with my home university/institution?

You can only take modules in the faculty or subject area covered by the exchange agreement we have with your home University.

Can I change my modules when I arrive at the University?

Depending on your subject area you may be able to make module changes when you arrive, if there is an academic necessity to do so. However, please note that this may not be possible so ensure you seek advice from your home university regarding module choices prior to submitting your application form.

Where should I go when I first arrive?

You should attend the orientation day held at the beginning of the semester. If you are unable to do so you should come to the Education Abroad Centre.

Where do I get my student ID card?

All exchange students are required to enrol with their Faculty Registry Office. Details of this are provided during the Orientation Day held by the Education Abroad Team. At enrolment the Faculty Registry Office will provide you with your student ID card.

Where do I get a copy of my timetable?

You will be able to access your timetable on the University of Westminster Timetable site. Details of how to do this will be part of the pre-departure emails we will send you.

Where can I get a Certificate of Attendance and who can sign my Certificates of Arrival and Attendance?

The Faculty Registry Office or the Education Abroad Centre can sign these forms.

Please note, the Education Abroad Team cannot sign Erasmus+ Learning Agreements. You must ask your Academic Exchange Coordinator to do this.

Who can I talk to about academic issues?

You will need to speak to your Academic Exchange Co-ordinator. You will meet your Co-ordinator at the faculty induction during the first week of the programme.

View a full list of our Academic Exchange Co-ordinators.

Where can I get information about private accommodation in London?

For all information about accommodation in London you can contact Student Housing Services.

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