When are the exam periods?

There are three main University exam periods each academic year:

  • January: Semester One exams
  • May: Semester Two exams
  • July: referral/deferral exams

When and where will exam timetables be available?

Exam timetables and their publication dates are provided on our Exam timetables page.

What days of the week are exams scheduled on?

Exams are held Monday-Friday and there are no exams on weekends or on public holidays.

What time do exams start?

Exams normally start as follows, but check your exam timetable carefully in case of changes:

  • Monday-Thursday: 10am, 2pm and 6pm
  • Friday: 10am and 2pm

Note that you may have an exam scheduled in any of the available slots, including the evening, even if you only study during the day.

Why is there a provisional version of the timetable?

The provisional timetable gives us an opportunity to identify any errors and allows you to check that you have no exam clashes.

The provisional timetable may change, so you should not make any specific arrangements based around these dates and times.

What should I do if I have a clash in my exam timetable?

Information about exam clashes is provided on our Exam clashes page.

I have a long-term condition/disability – is there specific support I can get?

You may be able to apply for individual exam arrangements.

I’ve broken my arm, how will I take my exam?

If you’ve had an accident that may affect your ability to sit exams, check our Individual exam arrangements for temporary conditions page for details of what to do next.

I’m not well and have an exam later today, what should I do?

If you feel you're too ill to sit the exam, you should follow the mitigating circumstances procedure.

If you feel that you're able to sit the exam, you may do so, but please note that the University operates a ‘fit to sit’ policy, which means that if you attend the exam, you have deemed yourself fit to do so and are not eligible to submit a mitigating circumstances claim for that assessment.

Why do I have two exams in one day?

Because of the large number of exams that need to be scheduled in a short timeframe, sometimes students will have two exams in one day. You wouldn't normally be expected to sit any more than two exams in one day.

Why are my exams bunched together on consecutive days?

Sometimes it's impossible to avoid students having exams on consecutive days, because of the number of exams that need to be scheduled in a short timeframe.

Where will my exams take place?

All exams will take place on the Faculty site, unless otherwise indicated.

What if I arrive late?

You may be admitted to the exam room up to 30 minutes after the exam has started, but you will not be given any extra time.

If you arrive more than 30 minutes after the exam start time, you normally won't be allowed into the room.

Make sure you allow plenty of time for your journey and any delays, to ensure that you arrive on time. 

What equipment and materials can I take into the exam room?

Module leaders will inform you in advance of what you’re allowed to take into the room, but if you’re unsure, speak to your module leader.

There are also instructions on the front of the exam paper explaining what you’re allowed to have with you, eg the specific type of calculator you may use or the specific books you may refer to.

When in the exam, you must:

  • leave your bag, coat and any other personal effects in the area indicated by the invigilator
  • switch off your mobile phone and leave it in your bag/coat
  • switch off any other electronic devices and leave them in your bag/coat, unless they are specifically permitted in the exam paper instructions, eg you may be allowed to use a calculator
  • use only the official, University exam paper and other stationery

If you discover that you have any unauthorised materials on you during the exam, you must bring this to the attention of the invigilator immediately by raising your hand.

If you are found to have unauthorised materials on you during the exam, this may be reported as a breach of the assessment regulations.

Am I allowed a calculator?

Non-programmable calculators are permitted where you have been informed in advance by the Module Leader that these will be allowed and where this is stated on the front of the exam paper.

Can I bring food and drink to my exam?

You're allowed to bring a small bottle of drink and small items of confectionary to have at your desk. No other items of food or drink are permitted.

Can I sit my exam abroad?

In certain circumstances, you may be allowed to sit your exam abroad – have a look at our Sitting exams abroad page for details.

What is the policy on toilet breaks?

If you need to go to the toilet during an exam, raise your hand and wait until you're given permission by an invigilator.  You'll then need to sign the record sheet noting the time you left the exam room.

If I fail/defer an exam in January, when will I sit the exam?

Your exam will take place during the refer/defer exam period.