Key points


  • All coursework should be submitted online via Blackboard, unless you’re told otherwise
  • Do not include your name on your work, as it is marked anonymously – unless an exception is agreed
  • Do not wait to the last minute to submit your work, as the rate that a file uploads will depend on connection speeds, file size, and other factors
  • Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to upload your work to Turnitin and Blackboard Assignment – students have reported problems uploading their work via Safari and Microsoft Edge
  • For text-based documents, upload MS Word or PDF files only – do not use files generated from Apple Pages

How to submit an assignment on Blackboard

The University has two systems that you may be directed to use to submit coursework online depending on the nature of the files that you are asked to submit. Each differs in the precise steps that you will need to take to submit your work. The two systems are Turnitin and Blackboard Assignment. Links to guides for each of these two submission systems can be found on the Blackboard Help and Support blog.

The deadline for all coursework is 1pm (UK GMT) on the date set by your module leader. If you're unsure of the deadline, please check the module's Blackboard site or ask your module leader.

When you submit an assessment, you're agreeing to the following declaration:

“I hereby certify that all material in this submission which is not my own work has been identified through the proper use of citations and references. I also confirm that I have fully acknowledged by name all of those individuals and organisations that have contributed to this work. I further declare that this submission has not been previously submitted for the same or another module or course or at another institution.”

For help on referencing, have a look at our Referencing your work page and our Avoiding plagiarism tutorial.

How to reduce file sizes for uploads

To make documents easier to upload, it's a good idea to reduce the size of files before you submit them. The guides below offer some useful tips on reducing the size of different types of files:

Make sure that you don't leave it to the last minute to submit your work online. Remember that while upload times can be very fast, they can depend on the size and type of file and/or your internet connection, so can take between 2 and 10 minutes to upload.

If you have any questions about uploading your work or reducing the file size, just speak to your module leader.

Submitting a hard copy

Occasionally, you may be asked to submit a hard copy of an assignment. All hard copies of coursework should be submitted to:

  • Fitzrovia Registry – for all courses taught at Regent Campus or Cavendish Campus
  • Marylebone Registry – for all courses taught at Marylebone Campus
  • Harrow Welcome Desk – for all courses taught at the Harrow Campus

Hard copies of coursework must have attached a completed coursework coversheet (CA1 Form):

Please ensure you securely staple your coursework. Coursework which is unidentifiable by staff cannot be logged on the system and will remain uncollected by academic staff.

If you intend to send your coursework by post it must arrive on or prior to the deadline. We recommend that you send coursework by recorded delivery or through a reputable courier. Coursework will be date-stamped with the date it is received in the Registry, not the date it was posted. 

Please note:  Post may sometimes arrive a day late at the University, even for Special Delivery.  It is important you post your work well in advance of the deadline or keep a receipt as proof that your work was supposed to be delivered on a certain date in case problems arise with late receipt of mail. Registry office addresses can be found on our Registry offices page.

How to submit studio-based coursework directly to your tutor during a class or other formally allotted time

Any coursework that is required to be submitted during class (eg studio-based work, portfolios, or artefacts) should be handed directly to the tutor. On submission, you'll be required to sign-in on a module class list in the presence of the tutor. The tutor will then provide a copy of the sign-in sheet to the Registry Office to be logged.

No coursework should be left in classrooms, studios or academic staff offices without being signed-in, in the presence of the tutor – any work that's left without being signed-in is done at the student’s own risk as there will be no record of the time submitted or proof of submission.

Late submission penalties

Coursework submitted late but within 24 hours of the specified deadline, will have 10 marks deducted from the original mark, to a minimum of the pass mark (40% at undergraduate level, 50% at postgraduate level). For example, a piece of assessment awarded a mark of 70% would be reduced to 60% as a penalty for late submission.

Coursework submitted more than 24 hours late after the specified deadline will be given a mark of zero.

Mitigating circumstances

If you are unable to submit your coursework or attend an assessment due to unforeseen, unpreventable, serious circumstances, you may be eligible to claim for mitigating circumstances.

The University operates a ‘fit to sit’ policy, which means if you submit a piece of coursework or sit an exam, and/or in class test, you've deemed yourself fit to do so. You cannot submit a claim for mitigating circumstances in this case.

Claims should be submitted as close to the deadline for the item of work as possible.

More information can be found on the Mitigating circumstances page.

More information

Read our Assessment and feedback policy.