When are the exam periods?

There are three main University exam periods each academic year.

  • January: Semester 1 exams
  • May: Semester 2 exams
  • Summer reassessment period

For all the key academic dates, have a look at the term dates.

Provisional exam timetables

The provisional exam timetables will be published on this page, as follows:

  • For Semester 2 exams: Friday 12 March 2021

Final exam timetables

The finalised exam dates and times will appear in your CMISGo timetable. Please note, if you have 24 hours to complete your exam it will appear on your timetable on both the date it is due to be released and the date of submission. You are strongly advised to check the PDF version available below:

Dates for Semester 2 and reassessment will be available on the following dates:

  • For Semester 2 exams: Friday 26 March 2021
  • For July reassessment exams: Friday 25 June 2021

Exceptional arrangements for Semester One exams

All Semester 1 examinations will be undertaken as on-line assessments.

The on-line assessment will be released to students via Blackboard at the time and date that the examination is scheduled on the exam timetable above. For example, if your examination is scheduled for 10am on 5 January, that is when it will be released to you on Blackboard. All dates and times shown on the exam timetable are UK (GMT), so please be aware of the time difference if you are currently overseas.

For most modules, you will have 24 hours in which to complete and upload your work, using the Blackboard submission link. In these cases, if your on-line examination is scheduled for a Friday, your submission deadline will fall on the Saturday. 

For some modules, where the nature of the assessment requires it, you will have less than 24 hours in which to complete and submit your work. Full details will be provided to you by your Module Leader following the publication of the timetable. You should note that your exam is not expected to take longer to complete than the originally planned time (2 or 3 hours for example). The 24 hours provides a window of time for you to complete and upload as required.

Your Module Leader will be available on Blackboard during the first hour of the on-line examination in order to answer any questions you might have, and will check in periodically throughout the submission window period to address any other issues that have been raised.

Please refer to the exam FAQs.