Long-term conditions, disabilities or Specific Learning Difficulties

If you have not yet registered with Disability Learning Support

If you have a long-term disability or condition, make sure you register with Disability Learning Support so that your needs can be assessed and appropriate arrangements made in plenty of time, including any individual arrangements for exams and other assessments.

When you've registered and been assessed, Disability Learning Support will send you and your Registry Office a link to your Reasonable Adjustment Form containing details of your specific exam arrangements. Please note that you will need to contact DLS and be fully registered with them at least six weeks in advance of an exam period in order to receive your individual exams arrangement for that particular period.

For more information and to register with the team, visit the Disability Learning Support page.

More information on individual exam and assessment arrangements is also available in Part 3, Section 8 of our academic regulations.

If you have already registered with Disability Learning Support

If you've registered with Disability Learning Support and have had individual exam arrangements approved, your Registry Office will automatically put these arrangements in place for you and you will be sent a letter to confirm the arrangements.

If you haven’t received a letter confirming arrangements one week prior to the start of the exam period, contact your Registry Office as soon as possible.

Note that if you've requested individual exam arrangements, you'll sit your exam in a different room to the main student group.

Temporary conditions

If you have a temporary condition, eg a broken limb or other injury, you can download and complete the Request for Individual Exam Arrangements for Temporary Conditions Form. You'll then need to submit the form to your Registry Office, making sure to include supporting, original documentary evidence. Any forms submitted without evidence cannot be considered.