What is an exam offence?

You could be accused of an exam offence if:

  • you obtain, or attempt to obtain, access to exam papers before the exam
  • you take with you into the exam and/or use any of the following in the exam: books, notes, papers, or devices of any kind other than those specifically permitted in the rubric of the paper. If you are found to have notes in your possession, even if you do not make use of them in the exam, you may be found guilty of an exam offence
  • you copy or attempt to copy the work of another student in the exam (which includes asking another student for information)
  • you do not follow the invigilators’ instructions or the instructions printed on the exam answer booklet
  • you remove an exam answer booklet from an exam room (whether the booklet is completed or not)
  • you take the exam on another student’s behalf, or someone takes the exam on your behalf

Note that if you use the words and ideas of another person in your exam answers, you must correctly acknowledge your sources to avoid any accusations of plagiarism.

See Section 7 of our academic regulations for details on candidates’ responsibilities during the exam process.