What is FOLIO?

FOLIO is a digital space at the University of Westminster where you can showcase your work, create an online journal and find news about your chosen discipline.

FOLIO is your personal digital journal for the duration of your studies and can be used as a vital tool to collate and archive your experimentations, tests, research, reflections and finished projects. 

FOLIO allows you to share your work with your peers, collaborate with others and engage with the work of your fellow students. 

You can use FOLIO to present your work to external partners, institutions and industry experts. You can also find jobs, exhibitions, gigs, events, awards, competitions, talks and much more on FOLIO.




Upload work

Users can upload single pieces of work; Image, GIF, PDF, Video (via links to Youtube or Vimeo) and Audio (via links to Soundcloud). These will be visible to other FOLIO users and they can be organised into folders called Curations. To keep Youtube videos private to FOLIO they need to be set to 'unlisted'.

Create curations

Student, Tutor and Guest accounts can all create curations of work on the site. When a Curation has two or more works in it, you can make it visible to the whole site, and an external link can also be created so that you can share it outside of FOLIO. Students can only create curations of their own works.

Add journal entries

The Journal feature in FOLIO can be used for coursework as an alternative to other blogging sites such as Tumblr and WordPress. Each student can tag posts with a module code so that their tutors can view their posts when marking. Journal entries can be public to the whole site, only shown to students and tutors on your course or only visible to the user and their tutors.

Further information

  • Opportunities, significant events and university news are posted regularly by the Creative Enterprise Centre and the FOLIO team to the FOLIO news section. 
  • Students and tutors can access work through their course pages where a filtered news feed is available.
  • Curations, Works, Journal Entries and News Items are all tag-able so that the site is easily searchable.
  • In the future, FOLIO will support student competitions and awards.

For further FOLIO resources including how to login, how to upload work and more, you can view the FOLIO introduction documents or watch the FOLIO introduction videos on the FOLIO site.