We want University of Westminster students to have a distinctive learning experience.

Undergraduate courses at Westminster have been designed to help you develop the Westminster graduate attributes, which support you in becoming a highly employable, globally engaged, and socially responsible citizen. The Westminster graduate attributes are:

  • Critical and creative thinker
  • Literate and effective communicator
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Global in outlook and engaged in communities
  • Socially, ethically and environmentally aware


Take control of your personal development with Potential.ly, an online tool that helps you explore your strengths, preferences and competencies. Potential.ly will also assist you in planning activities that fuel your personal growth on your journey to becoming a highly employable, globally engaged, and socially responsible citizen.

Potential.ly is a personalised tool for building the skills and competencies you need to demonstrate the Westminster graduate attributes.

Using Potential.ly, you can complete an online questionnaire (personality indicator test) and access detailed reports that give you insight into your personal behavioural style and team role preferences.

Potential.ly will also suggest areas to focus on and recommend further reading and activities available to you as a Westminster student to help you strengthen your graduate attributes.

Through your course and through self-assessing using Potential.ly, you can see your progress against each attribute on a chart. This will help you to see your strengths and areas of development.

By the end of your time at Westminster, you will be able to demonstrate with evidence the qualities you have developed during your time here. This will be invaluable when applying for jobs, for further study and for any other situation that requires evidence of personal development.

Log in to Potential.ly to start your journey.