Boost your CV and become more attractive to potential employers. Complete the award to guide you through your options and gain experience to get you job-ready.

Westminster Employability Award

What is the Westminster Employability Award?

Westminster Employability Award is an employability achievement award supporting your career and personal development by formally recognising the extra-curricular activities you complete during your time at the University of Westminster. 

It is designed to help you gain experience and develop key skills that employers want you to have. Find out more about yourself, explore different options and get job-ready by completing the Award.

How to sign up

  • Go to Engage and register to participate in the Award 
  • Start completing activities and collect points towards the Award

Any previous eligible activities will be backdated to September 2016, so if you have already attended events or participated in qualifying activities, you would have gained points towards the Award. Log in now to see how many points you might have already collected.

When to complete the Award

You can complete the Award during your time at the University of Westminster. There is no sign-up deadline, and you have until 1 May of your graduation year to complete the Award.

Why you should get involved

Nowadays, employers want much more than just graduates with a degree. They value individuals who have invested in their personal and professional development and have gained skills through various activities. 

You will get recognition for the extra-curricular activities you do on and off-campus and will be able to identify and evidence the skills you have developed to potential employers.

Watch this video to find out what our students say about completing this Award:


Upon successful completion of the Award, you will:

  • Receive a digital badge for achieving a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award
  • Add something different to your CV and stand out from the crowd
  • Gain confidence and be able to articulate your skills and experience to employers
  • Attend the Vice-Chancellor’s Employability Awards celebration event in June
  • Get a chance to win one of the 15 financial rewards* (terms and conditions apply) for the highest achievers:
    • 12 x £500 for top UG scorers; four per College
    • 3 x £500 for top PG scorers; one per College 

How it works

The Award consists of a selection of pre-mapped core and optional activities across four stages. You can complete the activities in your own time, and you can start at any stage based on your current situation. If you haven’t done any career preparation so far, we recommend you start from the "Know Yourself" stage.

Core activities – these are mandatory and therefore, must be completed to qualify for the Award. 

Activities include: 

  • skills audit
  • attending events on campus
  • CV and interview preparation
  • reflective exercises

Optional activities

These are the activities that give you points, and you can complete as many as you wish. You can gain from 10 to 20 points for completing a mixture of online tasks and real-world experiences.

Activities include:

  • personality test and careers assessments
  • joining University-run schemes such as Mentoring, Explore Teaching, FANS
  • gaining experience through a part-time job/placement/internship/insight days
  • developing your skills digitally

Complete the core activities and collect enough points from optional activities to qualify for the Bronze, Silver or Gold Employability Award. To achieve this, you need 50 points for Bronze, 100 points for Silver or 150 points for Gold Award.

If you want to review your development through the Employability Award or discuss your career next steps, you can book an appointment on Engage with one of our Careers Consultants.

Contact us

If you have any questions related to the Award, please email us at or ask us a question through Engage.

    Frequently asked questions

    You can sign up at any time, but we recommend that you register as early as possible. Please note that some of the activities have their own deadline (e.g., Mentoring Scheme, FANS, Westminster Working Cultures, etc.).

    The deadline for completing the Employability Award is 1 May of your graduation year. For example, if you are a first-year student starting your course in 2018, you will have until 1 May 2021/2022 (depending on whether your course is three or four years long) to complete it.

    The award is open to all fully-enrolled Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

    Yes, the Westminster Employability Award is designed to suit every student, no matter what their subject area is.

    Yes, you can complete activities during your time at the University of Westminster. Please note that you can only access the Award while you have your Westminster log-in details; therefore your time to complete the Award will be limited to the duration of your exchange programme.

    You can complete the Award only once during your degree. You have until 1 May of your graduating year to complete it. 

    For example, if you have achieved a Gold Award in your second year, then you won’t qualify for another Gold Award in your final year, but we do encourage you to continue completing activities and develop your skills even further.

    The Award recognises on and off-campus experiences that improve your employability. You can check the experiences currently recognised by the Award ventures on EngageGo to employability award page on Engage.

    Some of the activities are:

    • skills audit
    • attending events on campus
    • CV and interview preparation
    • reflective exercises
    • personality test and careers assessments
    • joining University-run schemes such as Mentoring, Explore Teaching, FANS
    • gaining experience through a part-time job, placement, internship and insight days
    • developing your skills digitally

    You can earn points by completing the optional activities recognised by the Award.

    All activities that are part of the Award are backdated to September 2016. Therefore, if you have taken part in any of the activities that are currently part of the Award, you will automatically gain points. 

    We have designed the Award to be easily completed alongside your studies. It’s flexible, and it can be completed in your own time over the duration of your degree.

    You can check your progress and the state of your points by accessing your workflow on EngageGo to Westminster Employability Awards page on Engage, under the Dashboard section.

    Congratulations! Don’t forget to claim your digital badge, which you can add to your CV, LinkedIn profile, portfolio etc. You will also be invited to attend the Vice-Chancellor’s Employability Awards celebration event.

    * Financial rewards terms and conditions: 

    Eligibility criteria 

    • Rewards will only be awarded to fully enrolled students at the University of Westminster 
    • Students must have completed the Award before 1 May 2020. This involves completing all core activities and reaching at least 50 points
    • The winners must have the highest number of points for their College at UG or PG level 

    Prizes information 

    • There are 12 x £500 financial rewards which will be awarded to 12 UG students with the most points, four per College
    • There are 3 x £500 financial rewards which will be awarded to three PG students with the most points, one per College
    • If there is a draw where students share the same number of points, the University reserves the right to ask students for additional information in support of their progress with the Westminster Employability Award. This will be reviewed by an independent panel, whose decision is final.