Elective modules provide you with an opportunity to broaden your curriculum and might be in a different subject area from your main course of study. The availability of electives on your course will be detailed in the programme specification (view undergraduate programme specifications and postgraduate programme specifications). Some electives are only available to students within a College, whereas others are University-wide, and these are listed on this page.

Who can study an elective?

Some courses already include cross-disciplinary modules and are structured to offer opportunities to expand professional skills – particularly those where course content is closely aligned to existing professional accreditation. If you are on one of these courses, you won’t be able to choose an elective.

Please note: elective modules are subject to availability and are taught across the University of Westminster campuses.

University-wide electives

University-wide Electives are credit-bearing modules that will provide you with the opportunity to expand your professional skills and career development.

Employers are looking for graduates who are highly literate, able to think critically about the world, and can respond creatively to future challenges. These University-wide Electives will be key in helping you to realise your graduate potential, offering you more choice in what you study and enhancing your future as a Westminster graduate.

Choosing a University-wide Elective will give you the opportunity to undertake work-based learning, develop projects and experience different areas of study within the University.

5 reasons to choose a University-wide elective

  1. Build your leadership skills
  2. Get the chance to innovate and think ‘outside the box’
  3. Show future employers that you can think strategically to solve problems
  4. Test your abilities to expand your professional networks
  5. Build relationships and develop communication skills for both personal and professional success

Module registration

Find full information on the Module Registration page.

Module descriptions

Module Descriptions can be found in My Student Record. You can use the Search for Module Information option to look up a module by its code or title.

Please note: Search for Module Information. All modules are subject to availability and the list may be updated each year:

Level 4 electives

Level 5 electives

  • 3D Interactive Media Development (5MMCS007W)
  • A Sexual History of London (5HIST009W)
  • Academic Language for Disciplinary Study 5 (5ALDS001W)
  • Applying the Tools of Positive Psychology for Personal and Professional Development (5WSEL020W)
  • Being an Artist: Product and Persona (5MUSH005W)
  • Creativity (DMC) (5MEST010W)
  • Designing Narrative Experiences (5WSEL010W)
  • Globalisation: Politics, Law and The Arts (5SOCL010W)
  • Information Technology Security (5BUIS020W)
  • LGBTQ Studies (5WSEL009W)
  • Politics Journalism and The Media (5JRNL007W)
  • Polylang – language electives
  • Production / Collaboration Options Elective Module B (5ANIM003W)
  • Production / Collaboration Options Elective Module C (5ANIM006W)
  • Sex Violence and Censorship (5PURL002W)
  • Specialist Journalism 1 (5JRNL005W)
  • XR Multimodal Interaction (5CCGD013W)

Level 6 electives