Formal partnerships and data protection

Access to personal information

The University needs to store and use some types of information about you in order to fully support you during your studies. When you sign your enrolment form you give permission for the information on your application form to be used for several of the University’s essential tasks. These include maintaining your student record, administering your course, providing University services, support and facilities and monitoring your experience at the University and or with one of our formal partners. Some of these tasks may involve sharing your data with our formal partners. Some of this information is personal and, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, the University and our formal partners must process this data fairly and store it securely, and may not disclose it to any other person unless the law allows.

For more information visit our data protection page.

A formal partner is an education or service provider that the University of Westminster has signed an agreement with for the delivery and or support of education provision which leads to a University of Westminster award or academic credit.

For illustration purposes we have formal partnerships with student exchange providers around the world; progression partners (where students studying at partner institution may enter onto identified University of Westminster Course with advanced standing); and partnerships where the University has validated a partner to deliver a validated or franchised course which will lead to successful students achieving a University of Westminster award.

Our main categories and names of formal partnership providers can be found on our University of Westminster Partnership pages.