Prevent at the University of Westminster

The University takes a proactive approach to the implementation of the Prevent duty, working with students and staff to provide an inclusive, safe learning environment for all.

In meeting our legal obligations we have developed relevant policies and procedures through which we ensure equitable and transparent compliance with the Prevent duty.

Events at Westminster

We are committed to encouraging events which stimulate open debate and broaden the learning experience for all members of the University community. To ensure we provide an environment conducive to this commitment, our Freedom of Speech Code of Practice and Event Booking processes clearly set out the expectations placed upon all speakers at the University.


All University staff are required to undertake Prevent training as part of their induction programme, and then regular refresher training at set intervals.

In addition, we provide targeted safeguarding training for those staff working in well-being, making sure students are supported throughout their studies.

All of the training we provide is aimed at identifying vulnerable individuals and providing the support they need academically, personally, pastorally.

Local Networks

The University plays an active role in the London Higher Education Prevent Network, working with our local partners to give assurances that our Prevent obligations are being met in a transparent and equitable way. Membership of this network provides us with opportunities to learn from best practice and share methods for reaching our common goal of providing an inclusive educational environment.

Reporting Concerns

If you have concerns about a member of our University community, you are advised to speak with one of our safeguarding officers. If you are unsure who to approach, you can send your concerns via email to: [email protected]

This mailbox is confidential but please be mindful when sending potentially sensitive personal data.