Sociology and Criminology at Westminster has an established profile of innovative research that is internationally engaged, committed to social justice, and makes an important contribution to wider public and policy discussion.

Pursuing both theoretical and empirical tangents, our work has attracted external funding, informed government policy and gained widespread media coverage. We regularly collaborate with colleagues across Westminster in Law, Planning and Transport, Tourism, English and Cultural Studies, Architecture, and Politics and International Relations.

We have an active research culture, supervise postgraduate students, and run a popular series of Open Research talks that host established and emerging scholars from across the UK and internationally.

Our research currently falls under four themes:

Transnational Communities

Situated in the centre of a global city and with a diverse and politically active student body, we have a strong research interest in debates around migration, multiculturalism, cultural diversity, race and religion. Recent and ongoing work includes collaborations with Turkish-Kurdish Alevi faith communities on curriculum materials for use in schools, explorations of racial difference in global consumer culture, work on suicide among migrant communities, and the role of media activism in the constitution of global publics.

Ethics of Contemporary Culture

Exploring the shifting moral terrain of contemporary popular culture, Sociology staff make critical scholarly interventions into a range of contentious and controversial issues. This includes work on the night-time economy, late-night drinking and the 24 hour city, Islamophobia and racism, and work on queer history and fat activism.

Social Policy Studies

The third pillar of our research engages directly with issues in social policy, and is particularly focused on giving voice to the complexity of lived experience. This work currently focuses on themes such as human trafficking, young motherhood, obesity, HE policy and the labour market, LGBT parenting, and alcohol policy.

Equality and Criminal Justice

The fourth theme of our research focuses on Equality and Criminal Justice at both local and global levels. The main focus is on policy-oriented research which aims to explore, report and advise on inequalities within the criminal justice system. It seeks to develop research expertise and excellence on equality (race, gender, disability, faith, sexual orientation and age) and criminal justice, relating to suspects and offenders, victims (particularly of hate crime) and practitioners.

The overall aim is to develop and disseminate policy proposals to government and criminal justice agencies as well as to comment on emerging legislation. There is a commitment to work with voluntary and statutory sector partners in order to commission and publish research and policy papers/briefings aimed at ensuring equal criminal justice outcomes for all members of a diverse community.

For queries or informal discussions about research degrees, and to find out about potential supervisors, please contact the following person:

Dr Frances Lynch
E: [email protected]

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