Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI)

CAMRI is committed to the study of the media at an international and comparative level as well as nationally. We have long-established strengths in the political economy of the media, in media history, media policy and audiences. We have centres for the study of the media in China, in the Arab world, in Africa and in India. We are interested in questions of creativity, in flows of information and populations globally, in the use of new technologies and social media and political and social change. With 25 staff we can provide supervision across the spectrum of research interests and approaches in media, communication and culture.

Directors of the CAMRI PhD programme:

Dr Anthony McNicholas, [email protected]
Dr Alessandro D’Arma (deputy), [email protected]

Centre for Research and Education in Art and Media (CREAM)

CREAM has a portfolio of research across the disciplines of ceramics, visual arts, photography, film, experimental media, music and fashion. CREAM runs a lively programme of seminars and visiting speakers, and has organised ground-breaking conferences and symposia in collaboration with other institutions. CREAM has been a key participant in debates on practice-based research in audio-visual media and was a founding member of the AHRC-funded initiative, AVPhD.

Director of the CREAM PhD programme:

Dr Roshini Kempadoo, [email protected]

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