New undergraduate students 2017/18

Part-time students may take a maximum of 100 credits (five 20-credit modules) in an academic year.

For UK/EU students who commence studies in 2017/18 the part time per 20-credit module fee is £1,540.

For Overseas UG students who begin studies in 2017/18 the part-time module fee is £2,080 per 20-credit module.

Continuing undergraduate students 2017/18

For continuing students who commenced studies prior to 2017/18 the UK/EU fee per 20-credit module is £1,500 and the overseas fee is £2,080 per 20-credit module.

For students who studied under the old 15 credit module framework pre-2016/17 and are required to take a 15 credit module (or 20 credit replacement) the fee per module is listed below.

Undergraduate UK/EU students

Year Started Full-time tuition fee Part-time module fee
2013/14 onwards £9,000 £1,125
2012/13 £9,000 £1,125
  £8,500 £1,065
  £8,000 £1,000
  £7,500 £935

Before 2012/13

£3,465 £485

Undergraduate overseas students

For Overseas UG students the part-time module fee is £1,565 per 15-credit module.

Funding options

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