Academic Appeals

What is an appeal?

An ‘Academic Appeal’ is defined as a request for a review of an Assessment Board decision or Mitigating Circumstances Board decision. Assessment Boards make decisions on student progress, assessment and awards.

You should only submit an appeal if you believe that you have a valid case, based on evidence, that there has been a material irregularity in the assessment process or in the Mitigating Circumstances (MC) process. A material irregularity means the University has not acted in accordance with its own regulations or procedures, or where an error has been made in the processing of a decision. 

You may not appeal against the academic judgement of your assessors and therefore may not challenge marks or the final classification awarded by the Assessment Board. If you think a mark is missing or has been incorrectly recorded on your student record, you should complete the Results Investigation Form and submit it to your Faculty Registry Office.

If you wish to raise matters relating to course provision or delivery, please do not use this form. Instead, please follow the complaints procedures guidelines.

Late claims or the re-submission of a rejected Mitigating Circumstance (MC) claim should be submitted to your Faculty Registry Office using an MC Claim Form. They will be considered by the next scheduled Mitigating Circumstances Board.

More information on appeals can be found in Section 16 of the Handbook of Academic Regulations.

How do I submit an appeal?

You are strongly advised to seek guidance from the Students Union before you submit your appeal.

You will need to complete and submit the Stage 1 Academic Appeals Form to the Academic Standards Manager within 15 working days of the publication of the decision which is being appealed. Any documentary evidence to support your appeal request must be included with the form at the time of submission.

A summary of the appeal process can be viewed on the Academic Appeal Flowchart (PDF).

Stage 1 of the appeal procedure is an initial consideration of the appeal request based solely on the form and evidence submitted by the deadline. No-one can appeal on your behalf, only you may prepare and submit your appeal. (An exception may be made in cases where a student is suffering from a mental health condition as defined within the University's relevant Codes).

A member of staff may provide a statement in support of your appeal, but this must be submitted with the appeal if it is to be considered with the other documentation in support of the case.

All appeals must be submitted by post or e-mail to:

Email: [email protected]  


Academic Standards Manager

C/O Student Regulations Team
Quality and Standards Office
Academic Registrar's Department
University of Westminster
Cavendish House
101 New Cavendish Street
London W1W 6XH

Your appeal request will be acknowledged normally within 5 working days of its receipt.

Submission deadlines for appeals

All academic appeals must be received within 15 working days of the publication of the decision which is being appealed using the appeal form available from this webpage.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your appeal is received on time. Late appeals will not be considered, unless you can demonstrate good reason and provide evidence as to why the appeal has been submitted late.

I’ve submitted my appeal, what happens next?

The Academic Standards Manager will review your appeal request under Stage 1 of the procedure and determine whether or not there is evidence of permissible grounds. You will be notified of their decision within 20 working days of receipt of the appeal.

Where it is determined that the appeal request shall progress from Stage 1: Initial Consideration to Stage 2: Consideration by the Assessment Board, within 20 working days of receipt of the appeal, the Chair of the Assessment Board or Chair of the Mitigating Circumstances Board will report their findings to the Academic Standards Manager. The Chair shall decide one of the following:

  • Uphold the appeal on the basis that a material irregularity has occurred and modify the Board’s original decision as appropriate;
  • Reject the appeal on the basis that a material irregularity has not occurred and the Board’s original decision will stand

Written confirmation of this Stage 2 decision along with full reasons for that decision will be provided to you within 50 University working days of receipt of the appeal. 

When will I hear the outcome of my appeal?

The Academic Standards Manager will write to notify you of whether your appeal request has permissible grounds within 20 working days of receipt of your appeal.

Can I submit another appeal if my first appeal is unsuccessful?

Where it is determined that your appeal request does not provide evidence of permissible grounds you may request the Associate Director of Academic Quality and Standards to review this decision.

This request must be made within 5 working days of the notification letter by submitting a completed Request for Review of Stage 1 Academic Appeal Form.

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