Westminster serious games platform (wmin-SGP) is a tool that supports two types of uses and users:

  • it supports trainees/learners to select and play a simulation created to support specific educational requirements
  • it supports trainers/teachers to create a new game simulation or edit a current simulation

wmin-SGP provide a tool for trainers to create bespoke 3D simulations in a multimodal 3D virtual environment populated by virtual characters, without requiring technical knowledge. More specifically it provides an edit mode that allows trainers:

  • to choose an environment from a library and edit it (eg an office or a security council/large meeting room)
  • to bring multiple characters into the environment
  • to assign dialogues to the characters
  • to specify milestones to be found
  • to set up a countdown duration for the simulation if this is required
  • to play the game simulation

wmin-SGP is a tool that allows trainees to engage in real-life role-play simulations (play mode) interacting with virtual characters in a 3D environment. If the users select to play with a game simulation they engage in a real-life role-play scenario assuming the role of a:

  • lawyer interacting with virtual characters in a 3D office environment in order to extract evidence from a client and build up a case
  • politician/diplomat, interacting with virtual characters in a 3D security setting in order to practice negotiation skills.

The users interact with the character/s by typing relevant questions in a text field or using the microphone. The characters responds with speech. The simulation concludes when all the required evidence is found (note that more gamified elements can be added).

The benefits of wmin-SGP are the following:

  • create bespoke game simulations
  • focuses on student centred learning
  • tackles student engagement and motivation
  • allows blended learning – role playing and other educational resources
  • better and deeper understanding and handling of the knowledge under construction


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If you are interested on using or extending the wmin-SGP project contact Daphne Economou.