[email protected] studies innovative ways of incorporating games technology in Museums, Archaeological sites and other Cultural organisations in order to improve the visiting experience and it experiments with technologies and platforms.

The [email protected] in culture portfolio includes the following projects:

The Saxon King

This is a console game that helps players discover information about typical Anglo Saxon armour and the way it differed from that of the Romans and Vikings. 

This project was designed and developed in 2013 by Patrick Kwok, a BSc Multimedia Computing and Animation student at the Dept. of Computer Science & Software Engineering as his final year project.


Treasure hunt game and game platform

The project looks at ways that treasure hunt games can be used to connect museums and archaeological sites, while at the same time enhance the visiting and educational experience in both sites. As part of this project a web-based treasure hunt game platform is being developed that allows the creation of bespoke treasure hunt scenarios. The technologies that are currently used include: web and mobile technologies and augmented reality.


  • Economou, D., Bouki, V., Kounenis, T., Mentzelopoulos, M. & Georgalas, N.  (2015) Treasure hunt pervasive games in cultural organisations, In Proceedings of the IMCL 2015 International Conference on Interactive Mobile Communication Technologies and Learning, November 19-20, 2015, Thessaloniki, Greece, 978-1-4673-8242-7/15/$31.00 ©2015 IEEE, pp. 367-371. ***

Geolocation and networked anthropology

[email protected] research group developed a content management system for the East Asian Sciences and Traditions in Medicine (EASTmedicine) group at the University of Westminster that allowed cataloguing rich ethnographic data, relating this data to geolocations, and providing an intuitive interface for accessing data and displaying data relations.


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