[email protected] created a series of highly interactive, rich multimedia educational material using game design elements in innovative ways enabling the creation of effective educational tools to support different educational methods in various educational areas. This project involves students as partners with BSc Multimedia Computing students developing the prototypes with the guidance of [email protected] experts.

The use of those prototypes with students and in different educational settings contribute to the creation of a framework for the design of educational applications to increase student motivation and satisfaction.


Series of serious game has been developed to support teaching scripting and programming languages like HTML and PHP. The material has been designed to support different educational concepts and methods and techniques.

Such as:



visual of a video game programming



A prototype serious game has been developed to support teaching the “Law of Murder”. It is a simulation of a ‘real case’ and it is available only for Law students at Westminster Law School. The scope of introducing ‘gamification’ in Law teaching is to ensure that students become familiar with legal thinking and legal language as soon and as efficiently as possible.


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A prototype has been created based on Renaissance Raphael's painting, ‘The School of Athens’ (1509-1511, Italy) aiming to introduce students to ancient Greek Philosophy and the ‘spirit of Renaissance’. The project studies different delivery approaches and experiments with the concept of the “momentum of learning”.

Image of a painting from the school of Athenes



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