About the project

The aim of the project is to ensure that citizens’ voices are heard in the process of Britain leaving the EU. It is the first example of meaningful public deliberation around the form that Brexit should take.

Over two weekends in September 2017 in Manchester, 45 randomly selected citizens from across the UK will learn about the options for Brexit, hear from a wide range of experts and campaigners and deliberate on what they have heard. They will then agree recommendations that will be presented in a final report to key decision makers.

The Assembly provides a unique and innovative approach to gauging informed public opinion. Its ideas will enrich public debate over the form that Brexit should take, just at the time when key choices and trade-offs are likely to be crystallising.

Funding body

Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), UK in a Changing Europe programme


Principal Investigator: Alan Renwick, Constitution Unit, UCL
CoIlaborators: Will Jennings, University of Southampton, Meg Russell, Constitution Unit, UCL, Graham Smith (Centre for the Study of Democracy)
Partners: Electoral Reform Society, Involve

Visit the Citizens’ Assembly on Brexit website