Funding bodies

Royal Institution for Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

University of Westminster Strategic Insight Programme: industrial placement with the Zero Carbon Hub.


Dr Dan Greenwood


This research assesses the challenge for policy-makers and industry of delivering low and zero carbon (LZC) new homes in England, in the context of ambitious UK and EU CO2 emissions reduction targets. The delivery of new homes has recently risen further up the political agenda, with both the Conservatives and Labour.

pledging to increase the rate of house-building. The subject of less mainstream political debate is how far and in what ways these will be 'sustainable' homes.

The complexity of this challenge for governance and policy-making is explored, evaluating recent efforts of the British government to achieve ‘smart,’ ‘streamlined’ regulation, working in partnership with industry. This is a policy agenda that successive governments have been wrestling with for over ten years, involving ongoing debate and controversy across the housebuilding sector. However, the recently published project report finds there remains much to do to if a real transition towards sustainable, LZC housebuilding is to be achieved in practice.

This project builds on the prior report by Dr Greenwood, published in 2010:


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