The Graduate School Board is responsible for ensuring a robust institutional framework for its research degree programmes, which includes a regulatory, quality assurance and a policy framework.

The Graduate School Board has a range of publications that form its institutional framework for its research degree programmes. These are for use by doctoral researchers and their supervisors and will enable them to work effectively through the Annual Progress Reviews as well as inform them of best practice and opportunities for skills and professional development.

An academic appeal can only be submitted on the grounds that there has been demonstrable material irregularity in the conduct of the Graduate School Board in relation to an assessment, examination and/or a decision to exclude a candidate due to a lack of academic progress.

The procedure provides a framework within which a candidate may seek to challenge a decision in order to protect against potential unfairness resulting from an omission or error on the part of the University – please see Appendix B for the full Academic Appeals Procedure and Section B9 in the Academic Regulations for Research Degrees.

The Doctoral Researcher Development Programme (DRDP) Handbook is updated annually and can be found on our DRDP page along with the workshop dates set out by academic year (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th year).

The university has a wider research governance framework for all researchers.