Doctoral Supervisors

Doctoral supervisors are part of a large and diverse community of researchers.

You belong to an interdisciplinary environment and you can make contributions to further strengthening research culture and activity at local and institutional level, and beyond.

The Graduate School is the focus for the collation of good practice and continuing professional development for supervisory teams and early career researchers.

Supervisor Support and Development

Recognising the critical role of the supervisor in guiding and developing the next generation of researchers, the Graduate School provides an enhanced programme of activities to support supervisory teams, and offers fora for sharing and enhancing good practice.

Supervisor Forum programme

The Supervisor Forum takes place twice during each academic year. It provides a platform for doctoral supervisors to share knowledge and best practice with colleagues, while gaining support, information and guidance on a range of topics from Graduate School members. They are particularly recommended for those new to supervision and also for members of staff who would like to supervise in the future.

Supervisor Forum: Wednesday 13 November 2019 

Theme: How do we best support doctoral researchers’ training and development needs?

Supervisor Forum: Wednesday 19 February 2020

Theme: Latest developments in UoW Regulations and Examination Processes.

Extra Session - Doctoral Researcher Training Assessments: Monday 6 July 2020

New arrangements for Doctoral Researcher Training Assessments.

A Day for Supervisors

Wednesday 17th June 2020

Morning: For new supervisors, for experienced supervisors who would like to refresh their knowledge, and for those who would like to be supervisors in the future.

Afternoon: 'Unconscious Bias in PhD Supervision'

Supervision Module 2019/20

A new module on doctoral supervision has now been validated. It will run for the first time in summer 2020 and will count as one completion for all staff who complete it. In the interim, in 2019/20, attendance at both Supervisor Forums, as well as the Annual Supervisor Symposium will count as one completion.

Key documents

Doctoral Programme Framework

The doctoral programme framework is a range of documents which set out the University’s regulations and accompanying handbooks for doctoral researchers and their supervisors:

Research Degree Regulations

Research Degree Handbook

DRDP Handbook

Key documents relevant to all research staff are located on the Research Framework page.

Online resources

A range of information is available free to all UoW staff on the Vitae website.

The UK Council for Graduate Education (UKCGE)

Supervisor Toolkit and Framework

Supervisor resources

Research in Focus Blog

Other Resources

Your Research Career Podcast Series