We offer exciting modules in psychology in both sessions.

Module details

4PSYC001X Myth and Method in Psychology – Session 1

Level 4

This module explores the scientific evidence for phenomena widely accepted by the public, but whose scientific validity remains open to challenge including, for example, astrology and near death experiences. It will examine the methods used in the investigation of such popular myths and examine, from a psychological perspective, the factors which underlie how they grow and are sustained. The module involves a critical review of the scientific evidence for these phenomena, and general consideration of the application of scientific method.

Site visits: students will visit the famous Freud Museum.

Note: site visits are subject to change.


5PSYC001X: Psychology of City Life – Session 2

Level 5

This module aims to provide students with the opportunity to engage with a range of topics and issues in psychology that relate to growing up and living in or visiting a large global city such as London, England. It will bring together research and theory from a number of areas of psychology including social psychology, health psychology, cognitive psychology and forensic psychology. Topics include: Stress & Wellbeing; Crime & Aggression; Loneliness, Pro-social Behaviour and Resilience. Lectures will discuss recent research and seminars will provide students with practical activities, visualisation through documentaries and guided discussions related to each topic.

Site visits: students will visit the Museum of London.

Note: site visits are subject to change.

Please note: occasionally we may be unable to offer some of the classes listed above, so please select a first and second choice for each session you are applying for. It is your responsibility to ensure both choices are pre-approved for credit by your home institution before applying.

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