The following guidance is for current Westminster students. If you're a prospective student, please visit our Funding pages for detailed guidance on University funding.

Undergraduate student funding

Funding for repeat/re-take years

If you're repeating or retaking a year, your Student Finance England (SFE) funding could be affected, depending on whether you've previously repeated a year or suspended mid-way through a year or if you have any attendance on an earlier degree-level course.

For details, visit our repeat-year funding page.

Module retrievers

If you're registered on a full-time course but take fewer modules than usual in a year because you're repeating part of your full-time course, you remain a full-time student and are eligible for your usual full-time Student Finance England (SFE) funding.

Please visit our Funding for repeat years page for more information.

Funding for placement years

In most cases your placement year will affect your SFE funding.

Read our placement information page for further details.

How to pay tuition fees

Information about payment methods and fee payment instalment dates is available on the Paying your fees page.

How to repay your loan

If you began your course in September 2012 or later, you only start repaying when you are earning more than £25,000 each year before tax. Repayments start in April, following course completion or following withdrawal from a course.

Your repayments are linked to your earnings, not the level of your student loan debt. If you earn above £25,000, you will pay the equivalent of 9% of your earnings.

Interest is added from the day the loans are paid to you. The amount of interest charged is lower while you study, but increases when you stop studying and will be based on your earnings.

The Student Loans Company (SLC) manage loan repayments, so you can find out more by visiting the Student Loans Company website.

Postgraduate student funding

Payment and repayment

The loan is not assessed against household income, so there is no income assessment. The loan is paid over one year for a full-time course or divided equally over two years for a part-time course. Instalments are paid three times a year: 33% on the course start date, the next 33% four months later and the final 34% seven months after the course start date.

The payments are made directly to you, not the University. Unlike SFE funding for undergraduate courses, a separate tuition fee loan payment is not paid directly to the University on your behalf, so make sure you're able to pay your course tuition fee using the loan money paid to you or using other additional funds you have secured yourself.

It is repaid once you complete your course and only if you earn above the earnings threshold of £21,000 per year. You will pay back 6% of what you earn above the threshold. The earliest you will start to make repayments is the April after you finish your course.

More information about repaying this loan is available from Student Finance EnglandGo to repayment page on Student Finance England site.

Information about the payment methods and fee payment instalment dates is available on the Paying your fees page.

Who to contact for help with SFE funding

The Student Advice team at the University can provide tailored advice about your eligibility for SFE funding, can help if things go wrong with the application process and/or liaise with SFE on your behalf.

The Disability Learning Support team can help with issues related to the Disabled Student’s Allowance.

You can also contact Student Finance EnglandGo to Student Finance England site.

Other funding options

There are many other funding options for current students at the University of Westminster.

For more information, visit our Other funding options page.