The University recognises the potential adverse impact the current situation, arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, may have on our students’ assessment performance.  

We have implemented a number of measures to ensure that, as a University of Westminster student, you will not suffer any unfair disadvantage as a result of the pandemic. We have worked closely with your Students’ Union (UWSU) in developing these measures.

New measures to support progression in the current academic year

Measures to support our students’ progression and achievement in the current academic year include: 

  • Replacing all examinations with timed online assessments with, in most cases, a 24-hour window for you to complete and submit the assessment
  • We have agreed that all our students can, if you wish, use the mitigating circumstances process to:
    • In the case of in-course assessments:
      • either have an extension to the submission deadline
      • or defer the assessment completely until the Deferral Period
    • In the case of timed online assessments to:
      • Defer the assessment until the Deferral Period

This means you can decide when to undertake your assessments, without detriment.

Other steps taken to help our students

  • We have removed the requirement to submit documentary evidence in support of any mitigating circumstances claims relating to the pandemic
  • We have extended the standard coursework assessment extension deadline from five days to ten days for the Main Assessment Period
  • We have reduced the number of credits that undergraduate students must pass at each level in order to progress to the next level from 100 to 80
  • We have increased the number of credits that may be condoned* at Levels 3 and 4 from 40 to 60
  • We have increased the number of credits that may be condoned* at Level 5 from 0 to 20
  • We have reduced the number of credits that will be used to classify an undergraduate honours degree from the best 220 to the best 200 (ie your least successful 40 credits will be discounted when calculating your degree classification)
  • We have reduced the number of credits that will be used to classify a postgraduate (Level 7) degree from all 180 to the best 160 (ie your least successful 20 credits will be discounted when calculating your classification)
  • We have provided laptops free of charge to all students who told us they do not have access to a suitable device at home
  • We have postponed this summer’s graduation ceremonies and any student completing their studies later than planned due to the pandemic will therefore still be able to attend the ceremony

Condonement is a mechanism by which a module can be passed, and credit can be awarded even where the module pass mark or a qualifying mark, and thus the module learning outcomes, have not been achieved. Some professional and regulatory bodies do not permit condonement, therefore this measure will not apply to students registered for awards accredited by such bodies.

The University and Students’ Union have worked closely on the measures we have taken, as summarised above, to provide a fairer and more appropriate way to ensure a level playing field for all our students, so the obstacles created by the Covid-19 pandemic are effectively removed. We have thought very carefully about how we can ensure students do not suffer any detriment to their studies or to their achievement, while ensuring the awards we make are of the standards expected in the UK.