Having language skills and overseas experience gives you the competitive edge in the job market against graduates who don’t. 

The University is offering students the opportunity to develop language skills and obtain overseas experience by funding 100 students on the pilot Polylang Plus Scholarship Scheme.

Open to current Level 4 students, the scheme funds a 2-semester long language module (to be taken in addition to your 120 credits) and a two or three week group placement overseas to which you will be required to contribute 20% of the cost. You can either study a new language from scratch or upskill an existing language.

Why choose Polylang Plus?

To improve your employability by developing effective communication skills in a professional and personal context. The programme has recently been updated to incorporate the latest trends in teaching and learning methods and to give it a stronger focus on employability and graduate skills and competencies.

What languages can I choose?

The languages on offer and the locations of the group placements are listed below along with the approximate contribution required by students towards flights, accommodation and the overseas language course: 

Language Location of Overseas Language Course Total Student Contribution to flights, accommodation and overseas Language Course
Arabic  Dubai, UAE

   3 weeks – £260

Chinese Shanghai, China

   2 weeks – £340

French Montpelier, France

   2 weeks – £190

German Munich, Germany

   2 weeks – £240

Italian Pisa, Italy

   2 weeks – £230

Japanese Tokyo, Japan

   3 weeks – £360

Russian Tallinn, Estonia

   2 weeks – £150

Spanish Salamanca, Spain

   2 weeks – £190

How to apply

Applications for 2017/18 are now closed. However, if your credits allow, you should still be able to apply for a Polylang elective module. The scheme will reopen in 2018/19.

In the event of exceptional circumstances with a student no longer be able to complete the overseas placement, you will be required to submit Mitigating Circumstances for consideration by the Faculty’s MC Committee.

Reasonable adjustments will be made for students with disabilities.