It is normal to feel a little out of sorts when you arrive in your exchange country. This is called culture shock, but being well-prepared for your travels can make this a bit easier to deal with. Go to orientation events and other social events – this will help you to feel settled.

You might also want to reflect on your time away – take photos and keep a blog, or use social media. Reflecting while you are away will help you to document the things you've learned – it will help to keep your loved ones updated too.

To help you make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience, we have prepared a checklist of things you need to do when you get there.

Make sure:

  • you check what paperwork for Erasmus+ or paperwork for exchanges outside Europe you need to complete
  • you find out about methods of assessment and are prepared for different styles of teaching
  • you find out the deadlines for coursework and exams
  • to make contact with the exchange coordinator at the host institution and at Westminster
  • you discuss with your Westminster course leader if you need to change modules
  • the host institution knows where to send your transcript, and that you find the date when it will be sent and the details of the person who will be sending it
  • you have had any paperwork signed and that you return it to the designated person by the deadline
  • you know how to enrol back at Westminster