Hosted by our Careers and Employability Service, the Vice-Chancellor’s Employability Awards is an annual celebration of the outstanding achievements of our students and the valuable contribution made by our alumni, community partners and employers.

The evening is an opportunity to present awards to students who have successfully participated in employability initiatives and hear from speakers from our employability schemes, including Westminster Employability Award, Mentoring, Explore Teaching, and more. 

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Student Awards

We are proud to celebrate the achievements of our students and reward them for their efforts in continuously improving their employability. Student winners are selected from the following initiatives.

Westminster Employability Award

Awarded to top achievers who have collected the most points from their School and have invested in their own career development by analysing their personal goals and strengths, exploring their career options and developing a range of transferable skills through the completion of academic, work-based and extra-curricular activities during their studies at the University of Westminster.

Westminster Employability Award is an employability scheme developed to support students’ career development and formally recognise the extra-curricular activities they complete whilst at the University of Westminster. The Award consists of a selection of activities across four stages: Know Yourself, Explore the Options, Gain Experience, Get Job Ready. Activities include a skills audit or a personality indicator report, joining the mentoring scheme, gaining experience through a part-time job, placement, internship and insight days etc. By completing these, students can develop their CV, gain new skills and become more employable.

Placements and Internships

Placement Student Awards recognise outstanding students who have participated in developing their professional experience and knowledge of an industry by taking on a short-term or long-term placement.

Work experience and internships give students the chance to achieve relevant, professional experience and knowledge of a particular industry, build their professional network and gain potential references.

Explore Teaching

Awarded to students or graduates who have volunteered their time as teaching assistants within London schools and colleges and have made a significant contribution in raising motivation and attainment.

Explore Teaching provides students with a valuable opportunity to gain work experience in a school classroom. The scheme offers a 15-day placement in a school or college, supporting teachers in students’ specialist subject area whilst exploring a future career in teaching. The placement is completed in weekly blocks or in instalments, while students continue with their studies. The scheme is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students and recent graduates. Participation in the scheme is on a voluntary basis. Participants receive full training in preparation for the placement, and are supported throughout by coordinator at Explore Teaching and at the placement school. The volunteers contribute to raising the motivation and attainment of young people in schools and are valued by schools as a relatable role-model. Participants receive a record of achievement certificate and an open reference on completion of the placement.


The Mentoring scheme awards recognise students or graduates who have benefited significantly from the expertise and insight of their mentors and have grown personally and professionally as a result of their mentoring relationship.

Since our mentoring scheme's launch in 2010, our students have benefited significantly from the expertise and insight of our mentors. Each year, we match students and recent graduates with a professional who has volunteered their time to mentor an individual as they make their transition to the world of work. As a facilitator of personal and professional growth, mentors can help to develop and improve employability through personalised support and providing unique opportunities.

By sharing knowledge and insights, a mentee can build a solid foundation of skills to launch a variety of successful careers. Throughout the mentoring process, previous mentees say they have increased their confidence, enhanced their prospects and built a better understanding of the world of work.

Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador awards recognise students for their significant contribution to Student Recruitment work and an outstanding level of professionalism and initiative.

The student ambassador scheme at the University of Westminster is an opportunity for students to support the major recruitment and school outreach activities on behalf of their courses and their university. The students will work a variety of events on campus and off campus specifically working with schools and community projects alongside members of staff from admissions, student recruitment and marketing.

The ambassadors are trained in communication, leadership and safeguarding to help get the best out of working with school children and external partners. They are given the opportunity to develop skills and techniques that they will be able to carry forward into their future careers.

Employer and Mentor Awards

We work closely with many employers and mentors who are key to the careers and employability initiatives we offer to our students. These awards are to recognise the continuous support and efforts from our key partners. The three categories for these awards are:

Employer of the Year: Large Organisation Award

Awarded to an organisation with more than 250 employees to recognise their dedication and contribution to improving University of Westminster students’ and graduates’ employability.

Employer of the Year: Small/Medium Enterprise Award

Awarded to an SME with less than 250 employees to recognise their support and contribution to improving University of Westminster students’ and graduates’ employability.

Mentor of the Year

The Mentor of the Year awards recognise mentors who have made an outstanding contribution and commitment to their mentoring relationship.

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