In a recent survey, 80% of employers valued volunteering on a graduates' CV, and associated it with higher income in later life.

New to volunteering

If you are new to volunteering please go to the Student Volunteering page to learn about volunteering and why we encourage and support all students to get involved. You should also read experiences and stories from our volunteers to see the impact volunteering can have.

Before you start volunteering

Take some time to reflect on where you are with your plans for your chosen career. Speak to a Careers Consultant and identify the areas of your skills and experiences that you need to develop and how and where volunteering might come in handy.

Use tools such as to get to know yourself better and enhance your understanding of yourself, such as your individual preferences, gaps in your skills and experience vs your chosen industry. You can then outline the steps that you will need to take to get yourself ready for your future career.

Choosing the right volunteering opportunity

Volunteering is as diverse as the millions of people who do it. So whatever your background or interests, there’s bound to be something that’s a great fit.

Go to our types of volunteering page to find out more about the type and range of opportunities available to you, or have a look at the opportunities on Engage.

Post volunteering

Each volunteer role is a stepping-stone for your personal development – one is great, but two or three are better. Go back to tools like or speak to a Careers Consultant again to find out the extent of your learning and, depending on the outcome, figure out what your next step is.

Update your CV

It is important to reflect on your volunteer experience and ensure that your skills and experience are clearly visible on your CV.

Where to find support

In line with the University's guidelines regarding Coronavirus. we are not currently able to offer face-to-face advice sessions.

We can offer advice over the telephone (07817139877) or email [email protected].

You may also want to attend our annual volunteering fairs – the FST Volunteering & Work Experience Fair and the Westminster Volunteering and Work Experience Fair, which take place in October and February of each academic year. Sign up to our mailing list or visit our volunteering blog to stay updated with the latest volunteering news and events.