The University of Westminster Mentoring scheme connects students with professionals for a mentoring partnership. 

As a facilitator of personal and professional growth, our mentors can help you to succeed by enhancing your employability through confidence building, networking and developing key employability skills.

By sharing knowledge and insights gained through the years, you will be given the chance to learn about opportunities available in specific areas. With the help of a mentor as a role model, you can build a solid foundation of skills to launch a variety of successful careers.

What mentors and mentees say


I gained a mentor who I have continued to have a relationship with since the scheme and can go to for advice that I wouldn't be able to get from other people in my life.

Nadia Shah

Recent Graduate, BA (Hons) International Relations


In the music industry networking and building relationships is so key! So having a mentor to guide you through this network heavy industry has been a tremendous help.

Zoe Morfakis

Masters Student, MA Music Business Management


I would recommend it for students who are unsure as to what sort of area of work they want to work in, or to students who know what sector they want to work in but don’t know much as to what that involves.

Rebecca Makin

Second Year Student, BA (Hons) Politics


I think the mentoring scheme is a fantastic opportunity for students to make new connections and expand their network, learn new skills, and explore future career options.

Stefan Mirza

Tax Advisor, Ernst & Young


Being a mentor at Westminster is a second-to-none opportunity to make a positive impact in society and to give back. By sharing our experience and vision we are helping young talents to find a clearer path and to acquire a wider scope of vision of the real professional world.

Maria Lain Valenzuela

Founder of Spanish for Executives


Your mentor is someone you can talk to, listens to you and is willing to share their knowledge with you.

Jan F.Krayhagen

Senior Account Manager for Snap Inc.(Snapchat)

Benefits of having a mentor

By being matched with a mentor on our scheme you will be given the opportunity to gain a positive role model who will be able to help and guide you to reach your potential. By participating in the mentoring scheme, you will benefit from:

  • Acquiring an understanding of the professional world
  • Gaining insight into chosen career areas
  • Increasing your professional network
  • Developing your employability skills
  • Building your self-confidence

Included in your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

You will also benefit from the Mentoring Scheme being included in your HEAR if you complete all the requirements of the scheme.

The HEAR is your online record of all your achievements at the University, helping you demonstrate your potential to future employers.

The record includes your course marks as well as any extracurricular achievements. Find out more on the HEAR webpage.

Our Mentoring Schemes

Knowing what you want to do as a career can be confusing and overwhelming. Here at the University of Westminster, we offer a variety of different mentoring schemes that have been specifically designed to connect our students and recent graduates with professionals for a mentoring partnership.

Applications are now open!

Careers and Employability Service (CES) Mentoring Scheme

Our largest scheme, the CES Mentoring Scheme is open to both current students and recent graduates (of the last three years). With more than 700 mentors around the U.K. and overseas, you could be matched with a professional for a six-month mentoring partnership.

Find out more and apply now

National Mentoring Consortium (NMC) Mentoring Scheme

The University are proud members of the NMC, which aims to promote equality and diversity in graduate recruitment. If you are a Home/EU undergraduate student, from a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic background and have applied for the CES Mentoring Scheme, you will automatically be considered for this scheme.

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Ask-a-Mentor Service

Designed for students and recent graduates that have sector-specific questions, the Ask-a-Mentor service offers one-off conversations with experienced mentors. These conversations can take place in person, on the phone or online (e.g. Skype). The scheme runs all year round, all you need to do is fill out a short request form.

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Things to consider before applying

You will be required to complete an online application form highlighting why you are applying for the scheme and what you hope to achieve. You will then be required to attend a group interview to assess your application further. Selection is based on the following criteria:

  • Career need
  • Motivation and commitment to the scheme
  • Quality of your written application
  • Availability of suitable mentors for your interest

We will use the information you provide in your application form to match you to a mentor from a relevant background. However, this is not guaranteed.

A mentor from another career area will also be able to draw on a range of skills to develop, advise and support you, and may be able to use their professional network to connect you with colleagues in areas of interest to you.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our schemes, or if you are interested in becoming a mentor for one of our students, contact us, you can also find out more about becoming a mentor on our mentoring webpage.

General enquiries

External mentoring opportunities 

You can also find your own mentor from current or previous employment, professional bodies, sports clubs and other interests, family and friends. Some examples of internal and external mentoring organisations include: