Throughout your time at the University of Westminster, you'll develop a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience. Some students will go on to pursue a career directly related to their degree subject, while others will opt to use their skills and experience in new areas.

It can be helpful to consider that many vacancies are open to graduates of any discipline so you aren't necessarily limited by the subject that you have studied, you can explore many options.

Typically choosing a career path isn't a quick decision, so be prepared to take some time to gather information about possible options and, if you can, try them out by gaining experience. You don't have to decide by yourself, speak with family and friends, alumni or professionals already in the sector or come and talk to one of our careers consultants.

Finally, remember while your first job can be the initial step of a rewarding career, many people work in a number of roles and industries throughout their working lives, what you decide to do now doesn't have to be forever.

Further Information and advice

You can find more detailed information and advice on "What career would suit me" within the resources section in Engage, including:

  • Tools to help you reflect on your own career motivation, preferences and values, and what skills and experience you have to offer   
  • Useful links so you can explore the career opportunities available to you
  • Information on opportunities to engage and learn from professionals
  • Advice on seeking experience

If you participate in the Westminster Employability Award, this can provide a great road map to guide you through your career exploration and prepare you for the graduate labour market, plus if you collect enough points you may even win a prize.

Talk to one of our careers consultants

Our careers consultants can help you to review your skills, interests and values and identify career options that you may want to explore further as part of your career next steps.

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