Throughout your time at the University of Westminster, you'll develop a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience. Some students will go on to pursue a career directly related to their degree subject, while others will opt to use their skills and experience in new areas.

It's important to bear in mind that around 60 per cent of advertised graduate vacancies are open to graduates of any discipline and so your options are not necessarily limited by the subject that you have studied.

You also don't have to make such a big decision by yourself – come and talk to one of our careers consultants, and speak with family and friends too. While your first job can be the first step of a rewarding career, many people work in a number of roles and industries throughout their career. What you decide to do now doesn't have to be forever.

Hear from professionals

Identify the right career path and pursue the most suitable job opportunities with EngagePlus Career Pathways – real-life career stories revealing the inside view of their current roles.

Ask-a-Mentor Service - one-off mentoring conversations, open to all Westminster students and recent graduates

Work through a free online career guidance package

These programmes help you think about the skills and abilities you have, and the careers that may match them.

  • Prospects Planner: accessible to registered users of the Prospects website, registration is free and easy to complete

Research the opportunities available

The Prospects website also contains a range of resources including career options for each subject. Their jobs and work experience section includes detailed information on types of jobs, industry insights, working abroad and self-employment.

Target jobs contains a range of careers information across a variety of occupational areas.

Talk to one of our careers consultants

Our careers consultants will help you to identify the career options available to you, and discuss your skills, interests and values to help you develop an action plan to achieve your goals.

Book an advice session