A KTP with the University of Westminster on health-care planning has enhanced Rawlinson Kelly Whittlestone's skills in data analysis. Since working with us, health-care consultancy EC Harris has acquired Rawlinson Kelly Whittlestone, forming the largest health-care consultancy in Europe.

The challenge

In 2004 Rawlinson Kelly Whittlestone was a small consultancy well-known for providing a wide range of health-care planning advice for the NHS and the private sector. They realised that, to get ahead of the business competition, they needed further skills in data analysis and simulation modelling.

How did we help?

The former School of Computer Science produced a flexible model that covered all aspects of planning – be it single departments or whole hospitals. We helped Rawlinson Kelly Whittlestone build the tools for a variety of health-care processes to advise their clients on the most efficient and effective mix of space, staff and resources.

The results

The project has been a roaring success. The software is invaluable for Rawlinson Kelly Whittlestone’s clients, private-sector bidders and health-care providers.

They can now:

  • access the technological skills that match their understanding of health-care
  • accurately gauge the size of the hospital for the catchment area
  • produce an efficient layout for the building
  • illustrate their designs in action

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