Concentra Consulting collaborated with the former School of Computer Science to create OrgVue, a cloud-based program to model their people, their processes and their performance.

The challenge

In 2008, Concentra was the marriage of two companies: a firm of management consultants, and a web design house. Although they could analyse their client's companies, they lacked the tools to make recommendations stick because they had no dynamic model to show clients how their suggestions would improve their operation.

How did we help?

Working closely with Concentra and our Department of Human Resource Management, we designed OrgVue – an ambitious cloud-based software to capture the core generic attributes of an organisation and at the same time provide robust modelling and tracking capability.

The results

OrgVue enables Concentra to show any company the impact of altering their key variables. The resulting analysis is a picture that shifts as the numbers change, meaning their client can see the effect of their suggestions over time, linking people with profits.

Who was involved

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