London-wide car service Addison Lee worked with the University of Westminster on a KTP IT infrastructure makeover, which helped cut Addison Lee’s pickup times in half.

The challenge

At the time, Addison Lee was a medium-size car service with 800 vehicles within the M25. Their operations were manual and they used radio systems to speak to their drivers, but they were growing so fast that they needed a total makeover.

How did we help?

Without enormous financial risk to Addison Lee, we proposed a complete IT infrastructure rebuilt from scratch. It was to be an enabler, providing the building blocks to take Addison Lee forward in quantum leaps.

The results

Addison Lee now has a system that helps telephonists communicate easily and accurately with their expanding fleet. They have left their competitors far behind – and the system we created is keeping pace with their growth:

  • Average pickup times halved from 20 minutes to 10 minutes
  • The company is now 10 times more profitable than they were before the Knowledge Transfer Partnership
  • They now have 4,500 vehicles and can track them all, letting passengers know exactly how long that car will be – even accounting for weather and traffic conditions
  • Customers can choose their preferred booking method – telephone, online or via the app

Who was involved

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