Neal’s Yard Remedies, the leading organic health and beauty retailer, has collaborated with us on two successful KTPs, reducing the cost of manufacturing and hugely increasing their expertise.

The challenges

For the first KT, Neal's Yard Remedies needed a good quality-assurance system to make it possible to manufacture in house and to launch new ranges more easily.

The challenge for the second KTP was to explore natural materials with inherent microbial properties to replace synthetic preservatives with natural ones – a change that was fundamental to Neal's Yard Remedies’ image.

The results

Both projects were a great success. The first KTP reduced the costs of manufacturing and developing new products, and significantly speeded up their journey to market. KTP number 2 involved extensive research and screening of materials, which hugely increased Neal's Yard Remedies’ expertise in formulation. In fact, much of the knowledge that Neal's Yard Remedies depend on today to develop new products was gained during that KTP. It added value to their range and secured Neal's Yard Remedies' position at the cutting edge of natural formulations.

Who was involved

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