Through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Westminster’s former School of Computer Science, Dendrite Clinical Systems boosted their UK and European sales by 25%.

The challenge

For nearly 20 years Dendrite Clinical Systems has supplied the international healthcare sector with specialist clinical databases that make it possible to analyse and report the results of patient care.
 After the Bristol Royal Infirmary scandal in the early '90s, the Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons created a Cardiac Surgical Database, which published patient outcomes (including mortality data). However, some surgeons feared that their mortality rate would seem higher than their colleagues, as they were operating on high-risk patients.

How did we help?

We designed ground-breaking software that would show whether a surgeon was operating within the national standards, at the same time as taking account of the severity of the patient’s illness.

The results

The result has been a triumph: a transparent system of data collection, providing a huge range of clinical data that has cast light on the factors that influence results.

The new software has:

  • boosted sales in the UK and Europe by 25 per cent
  • helped to capture new markets such as Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong
  • enabled Dendrite receive a tax credit from Inland Revenue

Who was involved

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