The Westminster Centre for Teaching Innovation (CTI) provides strategic academic leadership in learning and teaching at the University of Westminster. It supports a university-wide culture of pedagogic reflection, development, innovation, scholarship and research, and champions professional development in learning and teaching.

The CTI also provides university leadership for cross-disciplinary learning and teaching, student partnership and curriculum development and innovation.

The CTI acts as an incubator for staff and students to collaborate on creating the kind of unique learning opportunities that our students need in the ever-changing 21st century world, and to think critically about the future challenges of higher education and the big issues that will shape the future of knowledge production both within and beyond academia.

Through its activities, the CTI champions learning and teaching within and beyond the University, encourages future scoping to ensure that our curriculum offers the flexibility, accessibility and interdisciplinarity that will enhance the lives and employment prospects of our students, facilitates learning communities that are inclusive to all, and engages students as critical co-creators of their higher education experience.

The Centre is led by Terry Lamb, Professor of Languages and Interdisciplinary Pedagogy. He is joined by Dr Thomas Moore, University Director of Cross-Disciplinary Learning and Teaching and Dr Jennifer Fraser, University Director of Student Partnership.

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