The University of Westminster’s Education Strategy for 2020-2023 was developed to:

  • set out the strategic priorities of the University with respect to learning and teaching
  • align with the University’s Being Westminster Strategy

Find the PDFs below:

Education Strategy 2020-2023 (PDF)

Being Westminster: Our Strategy 2018-23 (PDF)

The strategic priorities set out by the Education Strategy are:

Teach in a way that is practical, active, inquiry/problem-focused and socially engaged

Most of our learning and teaching activities will engage students through practical activities, inquiry and real-world problems that bring their disciplines alive for them and develop their own expertise.

Provide personalised learning and flexibility for students

We will support our students to become flexible, resilient, skilled graduates, and life-long learners, who succeed and contribute to society in ways they value. This will require us to offer coherent, flexible modes of study and support for all our students.

Embed employability, enterprise and global fluency in our courses and co-curricular activities

Expertise and diversity of thinking is more needed now than ever, and our courses will equip our students to contribute to positive change in an unknown future.