Our teaching

Students working in groups, shot from above

The Westminster 2020 vision for the University includes a deep commitment to transforming the learning and teaching experience for students and staff. It states: ‘We will empower staff to create and support distinctive, innovative courses that address the needs of the modern mobile student.’

Such needs include enhanced flexibility to enable students to make the most of the ever-changing opportunities they encounter. Our developments in learning and teaching will therefore support students in the development of transferable and interdisciplinary skills, their openness to life-long learning, their awareness of the attributes and opportunities that enhance their employability, and their commitment to social justice.

In order to address this vision, Learning Futures was instigated in 2012-13. This major change programme lasted until 2016 and focused on enhancing the undergraduate curriculum, developing cutting edge learning environments, and providing opportunities for staff development and student engagement. Following these changes, the Westminster Student Experience sets out the key components of our students’ journey and the principles that will enable us to ensure students have the best possible experience whilst at Westminster.

Our commitment to high quality, forward looking and relevant learning and teaching is underpinned by the University Learning and Teaching Strategy, which has been designed in consultation with staff and students to set out the University’s key priorities in areas such as use of technology and employability.

In order to ensure that we are at the leading edge of innovative, transformative and inspiring learning and teaching, we have created the Westminster Centre for Teaching Innovation (CTI). The mission of the CTI is to provide strategic academic leadership in learning and teaching and to offer a space for pedagogic reflection, development and innovation, which is research-informed, coherent, inclusive, intercultural, and relevant for the needs of today’s students, and which has a distinctive Westminster identity. The CTI will act as an incubator for staff and students to collaborate on creating the kind of unique learning opportunities that our students deserve.

Westminster Centre for Teaching Innovation

Introducing The Westminster Centre for Teaching Innovation (CTI).