School of Social Sciences

We cannot understand the complex, contested and diverse world we live in through studying just one discipline. This is why, we, in the School of Social Sciences aim to be as eclectic and inclusive as possible in providing a home to students and colleagues trying to make sense of ‘the social’.

The School brings together Criminology, Politics & International Relations, Psychology and Sociology while maintaining joint courses with both the Humanities and the Life Sciences. What binds us together is our shared commitment to making education a transformative experience for all students, to conducting research that makes a difference to the social world, and enhancing the diversity of ideas and identities within, and beyond, the University.

Criminology at Westminster has witnessed a rapid expansion in recent years. Crime is always an important issue and the study of criminal justice has never been more relevant. At the heart of criminology are fundamental questions about how crime is defined, how criminal law is made as well as how definitions of crime and justice vary historically and cross-culturally.

We are a centre of excellence for research and teaching in politics, international relations and development studies with a 30-year tradition of innovative research via the internationally recognised Centre for the Study of Democracy (CSD). We regularly invite high-profile speakers to our central London location for our well-established series of seminars, public lectures and conferences.

Psychology is based at our Cavendish Campus in the heart of the West End. Our undergraduate degrees and the Graduate Diploma in Psychology are all accredited by the British Psychological Society. Psychology at Westminster boasts a vibrant research culture, distinctive for its openness, collaboration and inter-disciplinarity.

Sociology at Westminster seeks to host a dialogue between students from all over the world, between different classes, cultures and beliefs. Our teaching begins at this fascinating social intersection, using our students' rich experience as the starting point of sociological investigation and using London itself as our greatest learning resource.

The Democratic Education Network  based in the School, welcomes students from all areas of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. DEN is a hub for student-led projects, connecting with local London-based organisations as well as our global university partners.

The School of Social Sciences is based at our Wells Street campus. I look forward to welcoming you here, whether you are a student, a researcher or just someone who shares our concerns and our values of open and challenging exploration.

Professor Dibyesh Anand
Head of the School of Social Sciences