School of Humanities

What makes us human? How do we understand the world that humans have made?

In the School of Humanities we study the past and present expressions of human identity in our cultures, histories, languages and literatures. We question the idea that information is knowledge, and that knowledge is an unchanging body of information to be learned. We believe that real knowledge comes from understanding, and from that comes the power to interpret, to communicate, to challenge and to change.

The School of Humanities is an open and inclusive community of more than 80 staff, 500 undergraduate students and 250 postgraduate students and researchers. We offer courses in a range of humanities subjects including Arabic studies, Chinese studies, Creative writing, English language, English literature, French studies, Global Communication, History, Interpreting, Linguistics, Museums and galleries, Spanish studies, TESOL, Theatre studies, Translation and Visual culture. Our work is critical, creative and practical, connecting ideas across disciplines and making the School an inspiring place in which to study or undertake research. The research publications of the School’s staff in English Language, Literature and Linguistics are ranked in the top 20 of departments in the UK and we also have internationally excellent research in modern languages and history.

We love our location in the centre of London, on the site of the original foundation of 1838. We reach out across the University in our collaborations, joint courses and language modules, across London in our learning and placement opportunities, and across the globe in our many research and student partnerships. We draw inspiration from the generations of students and scholars that have created, debated, studied and enjoyed our subjects before us, and from the energy of one of the most dynamic and diverse cities in the world. We welcome all who share our commitment to understanding the past and the present and to shaping the future.

Professor Alexandra Warwick
Head of the School of Humanities