MBA internships

In a bid to provide invaluable work experience to our full-time postgraduate business students, we give you the opportunity to apply to undertake a 8-week part-time unpaid internship in London organisations.

This is an opportunity for you to gain work experience within an organisation in your field of interest, as well as to observe your supervisor or manager in their role to understand how they do their job.

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What our students say

Coming from a statistical and analytical background, my past experience only took me into analysing data for various clients. However working as a “Commercial Strategy Analyst Intern” for a company in the event and exhibition industry here in London has given me an entirely new experience. With the internship I wanted to grow in the field of Strategic Planning while utilizing my past analytical experience and the opportunity offered to me matched my expectations.
Trinette Fonseca, MBA Intern 2015

Looking back at the internship experience I can gladly say it has been everything I expected it to be. I was looking to get first-hand work experience in London and the company I was placed with turned out to offer the typical British experience. I was deliberately enlisted to work on the company’s marketing, a field I had no prior experience in and which demanded my full concentration just to keep up with the fast speed characteristic of a start-up.  This project required  me to put into practise many of the teachings learnt during my MBA and I found it a good way to complement the theory.
Roberto De Mares, MBA Intern 2014

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