The 125 Fund is a matched funding opportunity which gives all students at the University of Westminster the opportunity to apply for funding for projects and activities which enhance their employability and professional development.

“I was overjoyed in finding out that I was one of the applicants who was chosen to receive the 125 fund for my project. For, this I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation.

Your generous decision has given me one of the greatest opportunities in my life. I have dreamt of being associated with such a prestigious organisation such as the United nations and your assistance has greatly helped me achieve this. without your support, I would have not been able to finance my trip…..This funding and opportunity have encouraged me to strive harder and maintain great focus on my career after university.

Thank you so much again, I assure you I will make the best out of this opportunity and make every future effort to help others in my own way.” Shazmin Ahmed BA (Hons) International Business with international experience, 2019)

Support The 125 Fund

Since its conception in 2016, The Quintin Hogg Trust has generously matched every donation made to the fund, pound for pound.

In March 2019, £101,446 was awarded to 122 students giving them a unique opportunity to develop their skills and enhance their CVs. However, with almost 600 applications for funding requesting just short of £700,000, there is still a lot of work to be done.  

Thanks to the ongoing support from our alumni and friends, the Quintin Hogg Trust have generously decided to extend their matched funding offer up until 31 July 2020.

With your support, we can continue to ensure our students are equipped with the life skills and professional experience they need to get ahead and succeed in an increasingly competitive graduate job market.

Please show your support and help Westminster students reach their full potential by donating to The 125 Fund today.




Every gift, regardless of size, makes a real difference. But don’t just take our word for it…

“Without The 125 Fund grant, I would not have been able to complete this year to the standard I have and I would not have graduated with a First-Class Honours. Thank you for this incredible opportunity.”
Joshua Ricketts (Architecture BA Honours, 2018)

“I have just completed a week’s work experience which may potentially lead to a job offer! There’s no way that I would have afforded to do this week of work experience without the grant from The 125 Fund when taking time off work and travel into consideration, so it really does mean a lot to me. Thank you!”
Amelia Walker-Hall (Journalism BA Honours, 2018)

“A huge thank you to everyone who has supported The 125 Fund. Coming from a care leaver background, the financial side of University has always been daunting. However, due to being awarded this grant, I have been able to maximise my project and make a bigger impact to other children in care, by portraying my journey through cinematic imagery. This has not only helped financially but it has also helped boost my confidence. For someone to believe in you is something quite special in itself. Thank you.”
Mija Valdez ( Photography BA Honours, 2018)

 “I would like to sincerely thank you and everyone behind The 125 Fund for such a fantastic opportunity! You give a lot of people hope and strength to keep going and pursue their dreams. Because of you, I will now be able to translate my book to English and possibly become a published author. Your generosity is very much appreciated!”
Borislav Nikolov (Graphic Communication Design BA Honours, 2018)

“Siyabonga! A heartfelt thank you to all the donors who gave us this opportunity to succeed in various projects. Through this funding, I will be able to achieve the CISSP certification, which is the most recognised information security certification. It will not only ameliorate my opportunity of employment and promotion, but will also put me in a better position to contribute back to society.”
Leonard Matiza (Cyber Security and Forensics MSc, 2018)

“I am so unbelievably grateful this opportunity even exists for students, and that I was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the students to receive a 125 Fund award. This award has been extremely motivating and I know it will help my career path in becoming the successful photographer I have been working towards. I cannot thank the donors enough.”
Anna Cornish (Photography BA Honours, 2018)

“The 125 Fund has helped me demonstrate my aptitude with Rhino by helping me pay for the certification exam and a license for Vray (an industry standard render engine). I will forever be grateful that you took a chance on me. Frankly, the most difficult part of this is to express all my thoughts succinctly enough because this is going to have such a dramatic impact on my skillset, employability and life in general, that I’m still struggling to believe this actually happened. Thank you so much.”
Alex Onufriev (Architecture BA Honours, 2018)

"Thanks to this funding, I will now be able to attend a course that will provide me with invaluable experience of industrial knitting machines, teaching the essential skills required to produce my graduate collection in 2019 and increasing my employability.”
Molly Turner (Fashion Design BA Honours, 2019)

“Every day, around 450 people die in the UK as a result of cancer. I truly believe that early detection and diagnosis in high risk populations is one of the keys to prevent this. As a result of the 125 Fund Award, I will be able to acquire and get hands on experience with the Comet Assay. This is a ground breaking technique for early cancer detection that only a few scientists in the UK and world know how to operate. I would like to personally thank all of the donors for their generous contribution and making this possible! Not only will this help setting my future career as a cancer researcher, but will also help saving future lives. Let’s fight cancer together!"
Matilde Duarte (Biomedical Sciences BSc, 2018)

“Thanks to the donors of The 125 Fund I will be able to submit my second feature documentary into numerous film festivals giving it as good a chance as any to be as successful as it can be. After working on the film for four years this feels like such a positive step. Thank you.”
Inka Stafrace (Media Campaigning and Social Change MA, 2018)

"On behalf of the whole Recharge crew I would like to say a huge thank you to all the donors who have contributed to The 125 Fund. Without your generous contribution our film could not have been made. Many of the crew members received a First Class Honours in their degree and I believe this represents just how hard we worked as a crew. I also believe that having the 125 funding showed crew members that people believed in the project and therefore we needed to work as hard as we could to make the film the best it could possibly be. Receiving this grant has inspired me to hope to become a 125 Fund donor when I can. Thank you so much for your support and we hope you enjoy the film!"
Katherine Selway (Film BA Honours, 2018)

“I want to extend my extreme gratitude to all the very kind people who have given me this assistance. I am unable to put in words how much this means to me. This opportunity is rare for me and I am extremely lucky and most appreciative for being accepted for the award. This has strengthened me even more to learn skills that I would otherwise find difficult without this funding. I am even more determined to learn about how to structure my legal support for people with mobility issues and challenge the DWP decisions for people who do not have funds for legal representation.”
Shazia Raja (Legal Practice LLM, 2020)

“Thank you so much for this funding! I am now able to attend two work placements in Chicago, US over the summer holidays. These will be at world renowned production companies that will not only further my knowledge and experience in Film, TV and Advertising but will provide me with contacts for the future, confidence and life experience. I am so excited for this opportunity and can't thank you enough for helping me to achieve this and for helping many other students to further their dreams through your funding."
Evie Warren (Illustration and Visual Communication BA Honours, 2020)

"A big thank you to all contributing to The 125 fund. The funding I received will allow me to begin a training course in financial markets and trading. The opportunity will further develop my university financial knowledge, give me practical experiences and eventually make me more employable. I can't wait to start the course!"
Karolina Lubian (BA Business Management (Finance), 2019)

"I'd like to share my deepest gratitude with the donors of The 125 Fund, without whom my project would have been nigh on impossible to conduct. This grant will allow my band, Bare Traps, to improve our business operations, helping to improve not only my career, but that of two other current University of Westminster students. From all of us, thank you sincerely!"
Luke O'Gorman (BA Commercial Music, 2018)