The University of Westminster is a global community with alumni in over 180 countries.

On this page you can find updates from our alumni communities around the world as well as details on how to get involved with the Westminster global alumni network. 


There are many ways to get involved with the Westminster global alumni network. You can start by connecting with your local Committee or Alumni Ambassador. They would love to hear from you whether you’re an alumnus moving country, a current student planning to leave the UK after graduation or a prospective student hoping to gain advice from local graduates.

Alumni committees

Alumni committees are made up of former Westminster students, volunteering their time. The committees provide opportunities for alumni to remain connected to the University as well as each other. Committee members take an active role in planning events, volunteering as mentors or providing a work placement opportunity as well as supporting with recruitment activities.

Alumni ambassadors

Alumni ambassadors are former Westminster students who volunteer their time to support the University’s reputation, recruitment and student experience. Our ambassadors are active and responsive volunteers who will help to increase University engagement in their country/region.

Contact details for alumni ambassadors are listed by continent below.

Alumni ambassadors


Ambassador: Alia Abul Eyoun
Degree: Business Administration MA, 2016
LinkedIn pageGo to Alia Abul Eyoun's LinkedIn page


Ambassador: Olalekan Moshood
Degree: Business Information Technology MSc, 2006


Ambassador: Paul Ntambara
Degree: Media and Development MA, 2016
Facebook pageGo to Paul Ntambara's Facebook page

South Africa

Ambassador: Nomhle Shenxane
Degree: Business Management (Entrepreneurship) BA, 2020
LinkedIn pageGo to Nomhle Shenxane's LinkedIn page


Ambassador: Murshida Rahman
Degree: English Language and Linguistics MA, 2019
Contact: [email protected]
LinkedIn page

Chennai, India

Ambassador: Mahesh Ramachandran
Degree: MBA, 1999
LinkedIn groupGo to India LinkedIn group


Ambassador: Kapil Tamot
Degree: Public Communications and Public Relations MA, 2002
Contact: [email protected]


Ambassador: Wajiha Iftikhar Choudhry
Degree: International Liaison and Communication MA, 2018
Facebook page
LinkedIn pageGo to Wajiha Iftikhar Choudhry's LinkenIn page

New Zealand

Ambassador: Shriya Bhagwat Chitale
Degree: Media Management MA 2007
Contact: [email protected]
Facebook pageGo to Shriya Bhagwat Chitale's Facebook page


Ambassador: Alina Abramovich 
Degree: Global Marketing BA, 2012
Contact: [email protected]
Facebook group


Ambassador: Célia Kitenge
Degree: International Liaison and Communication MA, 2018
Contact: [email protected]
LinkedIn pageGo to Célia Kitenge's LinkenIn page


Ambassador: Melanie Marechal
Degree: Communication MA 2011
Contact: [email protected]
Facebook pageGo to Melanie Marechal's Facebook page
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Ambassador: Lukas Rapp
Degree: Documentary Photography and Photojournalism MA, 2015
Contact: [email protected]
Facebook pageGo to Lukas Rapp's Facebook page


Ambassador: Andréas Panagıotátos
Degree: Architecture BA, 2019
Contact: [email protected]
Facebook pageGo to Andréas Panagıotátos's Facebook page


Ambassador: Paolo Giuseppe Caruso
Degree: School of Languages – Polytechnic of Central London, 1981
Contact: [email protected]

The Netherlands

Ambassador: Shaurya Pandey
Degree: International Business Management BA, 2016
Contact: [email protected]
LinkedIn group

Western Balkans

Ambassador: Arsim Shala
Degree: Diplomatic Studies MA, 2008
Contact: [email protected]

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Ambassador: Carlos Kirchner
Degree: LLM 2016
Contact: [email protected]
Facebook pageGo to South America Facebook page


Ambassador: Verónica Posada Álvarez
Degree: Art and Visual Culture MA, 2017
Contact: [email protected]
Facebook pageGo to South America Facebook pageGo to South America Facebook page


Ambassador: Daustina Commodore
Degree: LLB (Hons) 2017
Contact: [email protected]
Facebook pageGo to South America Facebook pageGo to South America Facebook group page

Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Ambassador: Andre Modenesi 
Degree: Media Management MA, 2016
Contact: [email protected]
Rio de Janeiro LinkedIn group

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Ambassador: Norman Pegden 
Degree: International Business and Management MA, 2014
Contact: [email protected]
Brazil LinkedIn group

United Arab Emirates

Ambassador: Zeinab Shabbir
Degree: Information Systems with Business Management BSc, 2010
Email: [email protected]
Contact: LinkedInGo to Zeinab Shabbir's LinkedIn page


Ambassador: Susana Byun
Degree: Marketing Communications, 2016
Contact: LinkedInGo to Susana Byun's LinkedIn page
Facebook pageGo to North America Facebook page

Texas, USA

Ambassador: Shama Bhargava Verma
Degree: Computer Science BSc (Hons), 1990
Contact: [email protected]
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Events are happening all over the world for alumni. Please visit our Alumni Events page to locate an event near you.

You can also visit our alumni blog for the latest news on alumni activities around the world.


We are looking for international volunteers in the following areas. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact [email protected].

  1. Alumni Profile – we are very proud of our alumni community and want to promote the successes of our graduates. If you would like to be share your own experience. please email [email protected]  Alumni profiles inspire, share valuable lessons and reflect the diversity and global outlook of our former students.
  2. Speakers – we are always looking for alumni to speak at events both in their home country and if they are in London. If you come across someone who would be a good speaker, please pass their details on to the Alumni Office. Speakers are engaging, confident, authentic, have something to say, easy to understand
  3. Mentoring – an excellent way to ‘give back’ to the University, alumni can mentor a current student or recent graduate to support their professional journey. Fill in the application form to find a mentee today. Mentors are established in their profession, willing to share their experiences, positive in attitude, value ongoing learning and growth
  4. Alumni Ambassadors – alumni are the University’s best ambassadors. The University needs volunteers to speak with prospective students at international recruitment fairs and informal activities organised by the University. Ambassadors thoroughly enjoyed their experience and want to share this with other prospective students. Alumni Ambassadors are happy to chat about their experience at Westminster, able to answer questions about moving to London from their country
  5. Employability – a key part of the University of Westminster’s 2020 Vision is focused on enhancing the employability of its graduates. Alumni can support this by offering to speak about their professional journey with fellow alumni, whether as part of a careers panel or as a standalone keynote speaker, offering placements to current students or recent graduates in their organisation
  6. Write an entry for our alumni blog – We have some amazing alumni bloggers and are looking for more. Share your experiences and blog about your professional endeavours which will be posted on our blog.

British Council Study UK Alumni Awards

The British Council Study UK Alumni Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of international alumni and showcase the impact and value of a UK higher education. They recognise and reward alumni who have used their UK education to make a positive contribution to their communities.

The success of our international alumni community has been recognised by the British Council with a number of awards over the past few years:


Dr Orna Rosenfeld – Social Impact Award, France (winner) and Social Impact Award, Global (finalist)

Anil Singh Rana – Entrepreneurial Award, Mauritius (finalist)

Askar Bilisbekov – Professional Achievement Award, Kazakhstan (finalist)


Alejandro Valdes Alvarez – Entrepreneurial Award, Global (finalist)


Alessandro Rota – Professional Achievement Award, Global (finalist)

Anna-Maria Kountouri – Social Impact Award, Greece (finalist)


Read about our 2018 finalists


Faisal Abbas – Social Impact Award, Saudi Arabia (winner)

Sameer Pitalwalla – Entrepreneurial Award, India (winner)

Sameer has also been featured in a film as part of the British Council’s Study UK campaign:


More information about our 2017 finalists


Theresia Alit Widyasari – Entrepreneurial Award, Indonesia (winner)

To find out more about the British Council Study UK Alumni Awards, please visit their website.