Across the University exciting and innovative projects are made possible through the generosity of our alumni and other supporters.

Gifts to the University of Westminster provide much needed student support, help to create brand new campus facilities and enable world class research.

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Education and access for all

Building on the principle of our founders, we continue to make higher education accessible to people from all walks of life. The University is engaged with a range of activities to encourage all of our stakeholders to become part of the University community. One of the ways we do this is through special programmes and engagement activities held at the Regent Street Cinema.

Regent Street Cinema Community Engagement Project

Your support will help ensure the Regent Street Cinema continues to play a key role at the centre of our community, sharing our heritage and reaching the widest possible audience.

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Student support

Whether it is supporting students from conflict-affected areas, or providing grants to students experiencing financial difficulties, here at the University of Westminster we pride ourselves on our commitment to continue to address the individual needs of our students.

Find out more on the Student support page.

Inspired, highly skilled graduates

Today’s graduates are facing a much tougher, more competitive employment market with less job security than their forebears. To ensure Westminster students can gain the necessary skills and life experience to get ahead, they need personal and professional development opportunities and extra support to help them become rounded globally-engaged citizens who can make a difference.

The 125 Fund

The 125 fund is an innovative and flexible fund which enables us to award grants to Westminster students for projects and activities that enhance their employability and help them to achieve their full potential.

Find out more on the 125 Fund page.

Westminster Working Cultures Programmes

By participating in Westminster Working Cultures Programmes, students will have the opportunity to travel to some of the world’s major cities, immerse themselves in a new culture and hone the skills that will give them a distinctive edge in today’s competitive job market.

Find out more on the Westminster Working Cultures Programmes page.