Providing opportunities to students from conflict-affected areas

Conflict ruins lives and denies access to education. Towns and cities ensnared in conflict have seen university buildings physically destroyed and staff and students flee. What is more, university fees and maintenance costs mean that those living in poverty are denied the educational opportunities needed to overcome these very challenges.

In an increasingly difficult funding environment, these students are dependent on us more than ever before and together, we believe our global network of alumni, friends and supporters have the power to change this.

Through providing students with access to good quality education and with the knowledge, skills and experience gained through studying at the University of Westminster, students can return to their home countries, equipped to contribute to the positive development of their communities. 

Supporting an international student to undertake a one year Master’s degree in London currently costs around £28,000. A donation of:

  • £750 would provide accommodation for a month for one student
  • £6,000 would provide living expenses for a year for one student
  • £13,000 would provide full tuition fees for one student

Your support will ensure we can continue providing opportunities for students to get the education they deserve and prosper in their chosen fields.

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