The Doctoral Researcher Development Programme (DRDP) consists of face-to-face, interactive workshops, specialist skills sessions and independent study. The content has been carefully designed to support your research and academic progress.

The programme overviews for Years 1 – 4 are set out in the Handbook and are available via the links below.

Your Director of Studies, School DRDP contact/s and the DRDP University Co-ordinator can advise you about which workshops and specialist sessions you should attend.

Invitations to each workshop and specialist skills session are sent to your university doctoral researcher email address. Materials for DRDP Workshops are located in the VRE within specific workshop event screens.

View the key contacts for the DRDP

The VRE keeps a record of the workshops you attend. This may be a useful reference tool when you review and plan your development needs with your Director of Studies.

Research methods modules at masters level

The Graduate School has compiled a list of all the research methods modules available on masters courses across the university. These are offered at a discipline level.

If you feel that sitting in on one of these modules would be useful for your research, please discuss it with your Director of Studies. If you decide together that it would be helpful, then you should contact the Module Leader to ask if they would be happy for you to sit in on the class.

View the 2019/20 list of modules below.

Professional Development Planning

There are a number of Personal and Professional Development activities built into the DRDP. These are collectively referred to as PDP and the relevant sessions and activities focus on key aspects of research project planning and delivery, personal development and career planning.

You are encouraged to take the lead in reviewing your skills, identifying any other skills and developmental needs, and recording your development.

Your Director of Studies, the Graduate School, and School and University facilitators are all keen to support you and provide guidance and information whenever you need it. If you are unsure about whom to approach, please view our key contacts.

Reflective Practice

Doctoral researchers are encouraged to explore the potential benefits of reflective practice – ways that it may inform the progress and management of your research project and ways that it may inform your personal and professional development planning. This activity is introduced during University Workshop 1.1, by a current doctoral researcher, based on their own experiences. To support your reflective practice you will have your own online Research Diary (this is stored in the VRE). It is confidential and no-one else can view it. You have the option of sharing any of your notes with your DoS or another person but this is entirely up to you.